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Refreshing education: Update, rethink, grow!

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Everybody has a dream, but not everyone dares to speak it out loud.

If you believe this generation has the duty of ensuring a better education for the future…

If you see important skills not yet covered in the education of technology and in the same time want to experience the summer of your dreams…

Then this is your chance to leave your mark!

The Event on Education in Chania is here to let your voice be heard. This is your opportunity to discuss ways to improve old fashioned universities and what the future demands of the new generation of engineers. Through discussion groups facilitated by professors and experts, workshops, presentations and sharing sessions, this event is here to shape a new road for education led by people most affected by it: The students!

The outcome of your participation is transmitted to relevant institutions dealing with higher educational matters and therefore, a good command English is required. Some of the results from previous Events on Education have found their way into the university studies. Expect to be a part of the formation of future European engineering education.

The subtopics of our Event are :

  • Student diversity and personal growth in education
  • Assesing necessary skills of next generation
  • Integrated business-university coorperations

Paradise is waiting for you!