As a Student Organisation, educational issues are important for us. We work in order to offer students the best way to express their opinions and talk about their education. Therefore we are eager to be in close collaboration with the stakeholders of higher education.

BEST organises Events on Education where different stakeholders of the higher education meet and discuss several educational matters. Students, local and international professors, experts from different industrial or research association, thematic networks and company representatives attend these events, with the aim of gathering inputs on the issues discussed.

BEST Events on Education

You can apply for up to three BEST Events on Education per season, and get accepted to any number of them.

BEST Symposium on Education

A BEST Symposium on Education is an educational BEST event, where students take part in discussions and have the opportunity to express own ideas on educational matters. This is often done by an opening introductory plenary session and then smaller discussion groups with professors from technical universities and in some cases representatives from Industry. The outcome of the discussions can be asked to be presented in front of the group and the final report is used as input for other future project. The Symposium is mainly run by the Educational Involvement Department (Edu-ID), in cooperation with a host local BEST group.

The topics vary on different educational issues: they can be proposed by Edu-ID or be related to Educational Projects, run by Thematic Networks connected to the European Commission, where BEST, through Edu-Id is involved.

A Symposium is normally 5-6 days (including arrival and departure days) and involves 20-25 students, Edu-ID and representatives from EU educational projects, universities and/or from industry. All students interested in education are welcome to apply.

As in any other BEST event, there are also social activities, such as sightseeing and city rally, company visits, cultural visits, trainings, international party and a varied night program.

BEST Academics and Companies

BACo forum is an event where students, academics and representatives from companies meet and discuss topics related to education. The goal is to approach the positions of the three stakeholders in education through the exchange of opinions and experience.

The participants are:

  • students: a number of 20-25 students from all over Europe and from the organising Local BEST Group
  • teachers: from the host university and members from the Thematic Networks in which BEST is involved through Edu-ID
  • companies: a company that employs engineers and has an interest in the educational process

The topics discussed at the BACo have a wide spreading, but all have the same common issue: the relation between students-companies-teachers.